Custom Orders

If you don't see what you want on our website, please let us know—give us a call (877-433-8909) or send us an email ( We can likely help you get exactly what you want. The individual designs that our craftsmen produce number in the thousands. On our site we carry hundreds of these designs—the styles that are most popular and items that are most useful in today's homes. (For example, if you want a quilt rack or a pie safe, which are common pieces of furniture in Amish communities, we can get you one, but we've found that they are in low demand for the average online consumer.)

There are also varieties of these designs that we don't offer—wood species that we don't carry because they are less common and we can't provide samples, stain colors and table sizes that we don't feature because the choices can become overwhelming. To keep things simple and provide a seamless online shopping experience, we carry the items that are in the highest demand and show the varieties that you are most likely to want. As for hardware, such as drawer pulls and cabinet pulls, we let the craftsmen decide what style goes best with each furniture design, so there is standard hardware that comes with each piece.

But if you want something different from what you see, the chances are good that one of our craftsmen already makes it, or makes something similar that can be easily adapted to your needs. If not, some of our craftsmen also offer design services, so if you can describe it, they can build it. And we can show you all the hardware that is available so you can pick the one that suits your style. Whatever you want—it has probably already been designed, and it may be more common than you think. Need a 6-foot table that can expand to 20 feet? We can do that. A chair that converts to a step stool? Check. A cabinet with ventilation to hold your pies while they cool? (Yes, that's what a pie safe is.) Just ask!